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Welcome to Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House during the day

Parking At UNSW

All day casual parking is generally available on the top floors of the Barker Street (Gate 14) and Botany Street (Gate 11) car parks. Sometimes this parking may not be available due to various other demands. Short-term, paid 2P (2 hour) parking is also available via most entrance gates.

Parking is also available if you are driving to UNSW Sydney (cross-reference the Kensington Campus map enclosed. denotes parking).

The nearest carpark for UNSW Business School building E12 is the Barker Street Parking Station (N18 on the map). Enter the campus via Gate 14, Barker Street, Randwick. On entry, turn right on Southern Drive and go past the Rupert Myer buildings. Barker Street Parking Station is straight ahead. (Please be cognisant of pedestrian traffic and take care when entering/exiting the carpark).

Parking is available on campus at the “individual’s” cost. Detailed information is available on the UNSW Parking on campus website. If you are interested in Casual parking only, this too is available for staff and visitors via the CellOPark App, which is a ‘pay by plate meter’ at current rates. Briefly, if you wish to use the casual parking option it will be necessary to download the CellOPark App, register and pay for parking prior to entry. Further information is available on the CelloPark Australia website.

Use of the UNSW Parking permit is only valid in areas with the sign "UNSW permit holder only." Signs are affixed to the wall adjacent to each parking bay to indicate where a UNSW permit holder may park. Please read the signs carefully as some parking may not be UNSW permit parking.